Materials For Sale

Materials For Sale

All materials that you use whilst on the course are available to purchase for home projects as well as purchasing via mail order. Please let me know what you would like to purchase so I can send you a quote to include p&p.

Jute Webbing 11lb: £1.00/m (40 inches)

Black & White Webbing (cotton weft – jute/cotton): £1.10/m (40 inches)

Tarpaulin Hessian 92cm wide (use as 16oz): £4.00/m (40 inches)

Scrim Hessian 91cm wide (use as 10oz): £3.00/m (40 inches)

Black Coir (coconut) Fibre: £3.00/lb

Ginger Coir (coconut ) Fibre: £2.00/lb

50/50 hair & fibre: £5.00/lb

1” Rubberised Hog Hair/Coir Fibre, Neoprene bonded Sheet: £20.00/m (40″)

1” Rubberised Hog Hair/Coir Fibre : £32.00/sheet (183 cm x 92 cm)

2” Rubberised Hog Hair/Coir Fibre, Neoprene bonded Sheet: £30.00/m (40″)

2” Rubberised Hog Hair/Coir Fibre: £55.00/sheet (183 cm x 92 cm)

Layered Wool/Cotton Felt 68 cm wide: £4.50/m (40″)

Cotton (Viscose) Wadding 90cm wide: £5.00/m (40″)

Calico 152cm/60” wide: £3.50/m (40 inches)

Polyester Wadding (Dacron) 69cm wide: £2.50/m (40″)

Black Synthetic Base Cloth 75cm wide: £1.00/m

Nylon Buttoning Twine, 250g ball: £1.25/10m

Laid Cord: £1.50/10m

Spray Adhesive: £3.00

Gimp pins: £1.00/100g

Tacks: £1.00/100g