Colourful 'Byron&Byron' flower curtain rails.

Interiors Show

Yesterday, I had a great day at Cheltenham Race Course attending the ‘October Interiors’ show hosted by CABMFF (the Curtain and Blind Makers Friendly Forum).

My top purchase was from Glover Bros, my regular upholstery suppliers – a Batavia rechargeable cordless cutter which I’ve used today – love it.  So much easier to use than searching for my cutting scissors which inevitably become blunt with other people using them to cut materials besides top fabric!  It would make a great Christmas present for anyone interested in upholstery or who cuts a lot of fabric.  It claims to cut through leather, cardboard and wallpaper as well.

Also at the show were some of the fabric designers whom I have accounts with: Abraham Moon, Ian Mankin, Jim Dickens, Warwick and VoyageIan Mankin were displaying their new wool fabrics which I’m really looking forward to using.

Ian Mankin wools

Ian Mankin Beverley Dark Navy


Other highlights were the brightly coloured curtain  rails on display from Byron & Byron – they are adorable!


Byron & Byron Curtain Poles

Byron & Byron Curtain Poles

Byron & Byron curtain poles










Having never been to Cheltenham Race Course before, it was a great experience and I even managed to gain some ideas for my wedding dress next year!  This wedding dress is made from copies of the Racing Post.

Wedding Dress made from copies of The Racing Post

For anyone in the trade, the CABMFF event is a must – full of fabric and curtain/blind suppliers, all displaying their latest products.

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