Huntlands Farm immediate post WW1 period

Times past

I’m just housekeeping my emails and found these two photos which I obtained from a couple I met at the Bromyard Gala last year.  I did put them on our Facebook page at the time but thought for those of you who don’t follow or are members of Facebook, you might like to see them.

Huntlands Farm immediate post WW1 period

The first is a picture of the front of the house, the Georgian part, which still has the same front door, windows and pillars – amazing!  It looks the same today as it did then.


The second photograph is of a man called William Williams and his wife, Mary.

Huntlands Farm immediate post WW1 period

William Williams is Great Grand Father to the gentleman I met at Bromyard Gala.  Apparently, William was a hop specialist and set up hop yards in the period when the culture of hops went from using poles to using wires.  It is thought that William was at Huntlands Farm in the immediate post WW1 period and he was farm baliff for a man named Tailby.


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