Two beehives on grass.

My bees!

Having acquired my bees in November, I’ve done very little with them until now.

The bees hadn’t been managed properly and of the three hives on offer, only two were okay.  The third had been wiped out with the wax moth, unbelievable sight.

Wax moth damage

So my two bee hives have been sat in a corner of the garden; me patiently waiting to see a bee!  Thankfully, bees have been seen flying in and out with pollen so hopefully, I have two, healthy hives.

I am a complete novice beekeeper so I’m learning as I go.  Today, I decided to clean the spare brood chambers and supers with washing soda crystals and hot water.


As a member of the Herefordshire Beekeepers’ Association Local Activity Network (East) I’m hoping to host an evening in April when we will open my hives for the first time this year…more photos to follow.


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