Outside of Broadfield Court, including some outside table and chairs.

Broadfield Court

A huge thank you to Gina and Alexandra at Broadfield Court for inviting us there yesterday for a guided tour, tea, cake AND wine!  And to top it all off, the sun came out so we could enjoy sitting outside in the garden.

Relax at Broadfield Court

We’ve heard of Broadfield Court but never had, or made, the time to visit before but it was so well worth it.  Alexandra gave us a tour of the newly planted David Austin Rose Garden, (David Austin being her cousin), told us the story of the Wellingtonia tree, the established vineyards and how, and why, her father-in-law came to Broadfield Court to grow vines and lastly, the superb walled garden which supplies everything to the Court Café.

Wine Tasting

Broadfield Court Cafe

We left feeling energised with 2 bottles of Broadfield Court wine purchased from the Café as well as a bottle of Alexandra’s sons’ dressing, Granny Tigg’s.

Broadfield Court Wine & Granny Tigg’s sauce!

We shared the wine with guests who are now planning their own visit to Broadfield Court; we are also planning our return visit to collect more bottles of Granny Tigg’s so we can share it with guests on the honesty table.

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