Birds are clever little things…

With the sun shining so bright and hot this past weekend it was an ideal opportunity to do some tidying up in the garden.  I decided to rake up the pea gravel and replace it with much larger stones so Mrs Escapee Hen cannot continue to scratch it out onto the path every day!

Tiger & Mrs Escapee Hen

Stephen was on the sit-on lawn mower and Dad found the spade so he could dig up the thistles that seem to multiple very quickly.  In so doing, he came across an old fork which must have been laid down on its side with the handle free of any obstruction as a clever little bird had made their nest in the handle.  Nature is so wonderful and resourceful; it must have taken Mrs Bird days and days to construct her nest from moss and animal hair.

Bird’s nest in the fork handle

Bird’s nest in the fork handle


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