Everyone’s happy – Stephen gains a car, Dad a discount, and the dogs, their freedom!

Our 2 collie cross dogs, Sooty and Sweep, have become more and more promiscuous recently and our long suffering neighbour 3+ fields away is starting to  lose her patience, understandably so.  Every time one of her bitches is on heat, Sooty and/or Sweep ensure they are present to take advantage of the situation!  So there was no alternative than to phone the vet!

Sooty & Sweep

Now Sooty and Sweep have never had a collier put on them before, let alone walked on a lead.  However, putting a collar on them was easy but getting them to walk on the lead was near impossible.  They just put the brakes on and didn’t move!  Once in the car, they jumped out…and so the comedy continued.

Eventually, loaded and on their way to the vets they settled down and were fine.  Having spent a day in the vets and coming out in the afternoon somewhat lighter they both seemed happy and so did Dad and Stephen.

Sooty and Sweep were happy at the prospect of coming home but they also can now roam the farm and not be shut up when the neighbour’s dogs are on heat.

Dad is happy because the vet gave him a discount in exchange for storing his Spitfire car for a zillion years in the shed.

And Stephen is happy because the vet offered the Spitfire to him, the same car Stephen has been coveting since he first saw it some 8 years ago!

However, Dad did say “don’t buy the Spitfire from the vet until we’ve had our 6 kittens neutered, that Spitfire is worth more than money in the bank!”

The spitfire, in need of some renovation!

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