3 Aussies, 1 Norwegian, and an English guest…

Sat on the train en route home from work, Stephen is in Oxford, my mobile rings, its Dad…
”David, his wife and son are here to stay the night”
”Who’s David?”
“David from Australia” is the reply, “they’re not booked in but I said you’d put them up for the night!”

I speak to David, tell him I’m happy to accommodate his family but that I won’t be home for at least another half an hour but for Dad to show them to The Farmyard Room.  I already have 2 other guests staying.

Returning home I’m unable to get into the house!  The kitchen door has been locked but I can see movement inside.  I knock to be greeted by Lily, a lovely Norwegian guest whom I’ve never met, and her friend Janet, who are both merrily making tea for my 3 Australian guests.  They offer me tea too…

Asking where my Dad is, I’m told he had his animals to feed so they thought they’d make themselves at home and wait for me.

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