New additions to the bed and breakfast

I think every farm ought to have a cat, and as I’ve not had one since I was a child there seemed even more reason to get one.  Having found out that a lady in the village had a litter of four kittens, all of which were beautiful and two needed homes, we decided to get two.  It didn’t seem fair to separate them and two’s company, one’s lonely!  We also decided that they could provide back up for each other when faced with the numerous new animals that were waiting for them at the farm!

Having visited and arranged a time to collect the kittens I didn’t think there was anything else to do but wait until they are old enough to be weaned from their mother.  I hadn’t realised that naming these little balls of fluff was going to be that difficult but I was proved wrong.  We sat one evening and brainstormed names, some hilarious, some downright stupid but we had a great laugh doing so.  In the end, Stephen shouted out “rice and peas” as just about every Jamaican dish is accompanied by rice and peas (red kidney beans).  And so, Rice and Peas were born, Rice having a tiny bit of white fluff under his chin.  Other than that, they are identical.  They both are jet black with the most amazing brown markings, almost like a tiger’s markings.  And they act like tigers when our 3 friendly dogs try to befriend them.  Rice and Peas are having none of it; one spat at the dogs recently!

They are still quite small and haven’t ventured very far from the protection of Stephen’s workshop and garage but soon, they will get into mischief everywhere.  They have a whole farm waiting to explore.  It’s also lovely when guests have finished their breakfast and as they leave the table ask if they can visit Rice and Peas as well as any other small farm animals that may have been born at the time.

I have a feeling Rice and Peas are going to be real characters and great attractions for all who visit us.  They are already benefiting from the leftover bacon and sausage each morning!

Rice and Peas!


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