New life

The most memorable story recently was when Dad came out of hospital having had a total knee operation and I was frantically wondering what to do with a ewe who was obviously in trouble lambing.  In the end, Dad supervised on crutches, I held the ewe and one of our guests drew the lamb under the watchful eye of all his relatives!  They certainly had something to talk about at the wedding they were attending later that day.

We also have another runt of the litter piglet in the house which is turning into a character.  He is being fed every 1.5 hours, 24 hours a day.

Percy piglet

The wild ducks are starting to sit on their eggs; I noticed that one has made her nest under the wooden troughs that we usually grow our tomatoes in, in the garden.  But another very brave duck has decided to chance it and has made her nest in the middle of the pampas grass on the edge of the pond.  I just hope one doesn’t decide to rearrange my bulbs in the garden to make a nest like they have done in previous years.

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