Spring has arrived!

I’ve decided I’m a blog hibernator; now the lovely weather has descended I’ve crawled out from under my blog stone to update you all on developments at Huntlands Farm Bed and Breakfast.

The last two months have been extremely busy and we’ve managed to finish decorating the downstairs Georgian front; we are now starting the upstairs but as with all things, it is taking longer than anticipated!  And when the weather is so lovely I would rather be outside than in.

Besides our decorating and renovating efforts, we have also turned out attention to outside and had the original railings at the front of the house renovated and moved to the side of the driveway.  The animals are now closer to the house which means guests can sit in the lounge and look out into the field to see the sheep and cattle much closer.  This will be especially wonderful when the lambs are born early next month.

Other updates on the farm is that Spot the pet piglet is now a monster and is holding court with his new friends in the barn!  Recently, we took delivery of a new Aberdeen Angus bull who will soon be put with our lovely Long Horn cows so watch out for some beautiful calves in the future.  I also have taken delivery of some new chickens as well as two beautiful Orpington cockerels who have now learnt how to cockadoodledoo!  When they first arrived, it was rather a pathetic effort but now they are crowing to their hearts content.  Luckily, they don’t make a noise until they are let out so we aren’t woken up at dawn.

Gloucestershire Old Spot pet piglet at Huntlands Farm

January and February are always dull months when it comes to the weather.  March is when everything starts to poke its head out of the ground and shout, I’m still alive!  This weekend just past made we realize just how lucky we are to live where we do.  I have beautiful eggs from my free range hens which taste absolutely delicious, especially poached or scrambled for breakfast.  So many guests comment on the colour and texture as well as the scrummy taste of my hen’s eggs.  I was also able to visit my brother’s house up the lane and pick a wonderful, fresh bunch of daffodils from the field in front of his house which seem to be the best show we’ve ever had.  To round the weekend off, I picked  some early rhubarb from the garden and popped it in the pan to stew as well as make a scrumptious rhubarb and ginger crumble.

Daffodils at Lower Elmores End Farm, near Huntlands Farm Bed & Breakfast

What a wonderful way to live, with nature.

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