Herefordshire Mistletoe

Last Tuesday saw the first mistletoe auction at nearby Tenbury Wells which always indicates to me that Christmas is on its way!

Tenbury Wells mistletoe season and festivities start in mid-November with the switch on of the town’s Christmas lights and events continue until mid-December.  During this time National Mistletoe Day is celebrated which is always the first Saturday in December.  The day sees a procession by the National Mistletoe Foundation through the town led by the “Bang On” Drummers, a multi-faith ceremony on the Burgage which concludes with the crowning of this year’s Mistletoe Queen and Holly Prince.  The day continues with other events and activities for all to enjoy.

So last weekend I set about cutting and bunching up my mistletoe to sell; for the next 3 weeks I will be unable to carry passengers in my car as the seats come out and the mistletoe goes in.  I enjoy delivering the mistletoe, especially in the early mornings when the shops haven’t opened to the public and its cold and frosty as it makes me feel very festive.  I don’t see some of my mistletoe customers all year but as soon as December arrives,  I hear “here comes the mistletoe lady”!

Mistletoe in a Herefordshire orchard

If you have any questions regarding mistletoe I’m sure The English Mistletoe Company will have an answer for you.

The second mistletoe auction was yesterday so if you wish to visit a Tenbury Mistletoe Auction the last one will be held on Tuesday 13th December 2011.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas preparations and don’t forget the mistletoe!

Herefordshire Mistletoe berries

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