2011 round up

What a month December has been.  There is something in the human brain that makes us believe we need to get EVERYTHING finished before 31st December or is it just me?!?  My lack of news items is mainly due to my lack of knowledge when transferring photos from my mobile phone to my laptop as well as the fact that I have basically been trying to squeeze all unfinished jobs into December!

Earlier this month we had the Clifton on Teme hunt meet which was a rather lovely spectacle; the only down side was that later in the day my father fell over and dislocated his shoulder – probably too much punch!

Clifton on Teme hunt

We’ve also had the privilege of Spot the runt piglet living in a box by the Aga for a few nights; she has now been re-homed and one of her siblings has joined her.  They both live in their own large wooden box in the barn where they can enjoy individual attention and milk rather than fighting for it with their other 14 siblings!  Poor Lou Lou their Gloucester Old Spot mother really has her trotters full.

Spot, the Gloucester Old Spot runt by the Aga

I also managed to get all my mistletoe deliveries done before my beloved car broke down en route back from Gatwick airport.  No, I wasn’t delivering mistletoe to Gatwick but Stephen was taking his mother for her return journey to Jamaica.  Thankfully, the car decided to keep going so she made her flight but poor Stephen was 5 hours late making it home!  His mother almost made it home to Jamaica before he did.

So this past week with a sick car and a sick father I’ve stayed at home, eaten lots and ticked some jobs off my 2011 unfinished to do list!  One such item is reupholstering a pink draylon covered nursing chair with the beautiful Arthur Sanderson china blue Pear & Pomegranate fabric from A Painter’s Garden collection.  The chair is a present for a friend who is expecting a baby this spring; I so hope she likes it.

Pink Draylon Nursing Chair – after

Pink Draylon Nursing Chair – before

This is my last news item for 2011 so I wish you all a very happy new year and look forward to updating you with what 2012 has to bring Huntlands Farm.

Happy New Year!

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