Herefordshire cider

For the past couple of weeks we have experienced the aroma of apple juice every time we venture outside.  This is because the cider apples have been harvested and collected in the yard ready for transportation to the cider making plant.

Herefordshire cider apples

With over 9,500 acres of cider orchards in Herefordshire, the county produces well over half of the cider that is drunk in this country.  Many producers provide cider and perry tours as well as selling direct to the public.

Therefore, if you decide to follow the Cider Route during your stay with us at Huntlands Farm Bed and Breakfast you will be able to visit, taste and purchase many ciders and perrys from:

The Cider Museum in Hereford
Dunkertons Cider Mill
Newton Court Cidery, Newton Court, Newton, Leominster
Butford Organics
Oliver’s Cider & Perry
Gregg’s Pit Cider & Perry
Westons Cider
Lyne Down Cider & Perry
Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Company Ltd
Gwatkin Cider
Once Upon a Tree

Herefordshire cider apples

And if you wish to be more adventurous, you could always take the Cider Cycling Tour.  However, be careful as you can still be breathalysed in charge of a cycle!

If you don’t fancy drinking the cider you purchase, why not make a Herefordshire Cider Cake?!

For a more comprehensive list of cider producers in the area Herefordshire CAMRA provides a great list.

However, there is one special cider producer I would like to mention as their cider is my all time favourite and that is Mahorall Farm Cider, situated just over the border in Shropshire.  If you wish to visit Mahorall Farm, they also offer a Nature Trail and Falconry Days.

Lastly, a date to put in your diary for next year is the Blossomtime Festival in May.


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