Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths

Cutting and bunching up mistletoe for my regular customers and then eating mince pies at the Bringsty Forge Open Day has well and truly put me in the Christmas spirit.

On Saturday 26th November 2011 Bringsty Forge held their third public open day in which they invited the general public to view their hand crafted artefacts and watch them at work.  I have fallen in love with many things, including this beautiful poppy sconce.

Poppy sconce made by Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths

The Forge is run by 3 blacksmiths, Adrian Legge, Henry Pomfrett, and Tony Ingarfield.

Besides being a lovely, local meeting place, it also gave me a few ideas for the bed and breakfast and so my shopping list has increased by at least 3 items, if not more!  It was also a rather apt time to visit Bringsty Forge as I am currently decorating the large Georgian rooms (the last part of the renovation of the house) and so I am missing what I consider a few vital items for these rooms!  Namely, the wonderful fireside pan, brush and poker set which I can already picture on one of the large Georgian fireplaces I’ve had put in.  I also had an idea to ask the blacksmiths if they can make me some large curtain rail holders as I only have the originals for one room and part of that original is missing so another job for them as well I think.  Also, a door handle and its keeper for the large front door as it is proving quite difficult to source one readymade off the shelf.


Handmade artefacts by Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths



Gosh, the list is endless as they can literally make you anything you wish, how wonderful is that?

If you are interested in visiting the Forge when you are staying at Huntlands Farm Bed and Breakfast, please do let me know so I can organise a visit for you.  I’m sure Adrian, Henry, and Tony will only be too delighted to show you around and let you watch them work for a little while.

Fireside set made by Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths

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