No sloe gin for Christmas!?!

Having been at Warwick University this week and seen sloes dripping off the hedgerows but deciding it wasn’t appropriate to fill up my laptop bag with them I decided to set off this afternoon to find some on the farm.

1 hour plus later I returned with no sloes; our hedgerows are bare and even the lanes around the village bore none.  I must have walked a mile or so, driven a similar distance around the lanes and fallen over the only branch in the field to cover myself in mud and create a carbon footprint for nothing!

Besides making a couple of bottles of sloe gin, I also wanted to make some damson and sloe ice cream.  Some guests recently recommended the ice cream and so I’ve been eager to make it ever since.  However, it won’t be this year unless I stumble across some sloes pretty soon.

Therefore, I will just have to enjoy the damson gin I made a couple of weeks ago; thankfully, I made rather a lot!

If you are luckily enough to find some sloes and wish to make some gin, try Nigel Slater’s classic sloe gin recipe.

Damson gin is made in the same way as sloe gin, just using damsons instead of sloes, obviously!

It’s definitely worth the wait for it at Christmas.


Homemade damson gin at Huntlands Farm

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