Climbing Chickens

I’ve had my chickens for some time now so it came as a surprise to me one night when I was missing a couple off their perch.  It transpired that several of them had decided to sleep alfresco that night and have continued to do so ever since.

Huntlands Farm chickens

It has baffled me as to how they actually get up in the eucalyptus tree to roost until this weekend when I caught one climbing up the slanting trunk of the tree.

Huntlands Farm Bed & Breakfast chickens

It’s proved almost impossible to catch them on camera doing this as every time I go out to them they run towards me thinking I have some food for them as well as being just plain nosey.

I love having chickens and find them rather therapeutic.  They provide an immense amount of enjoyment, especially when they chase each other if one has managed to grab a piece of bread I’ve given them or some vegetables.  They especially like mushroom peelings from the bed and breakfast Full English although their culinary highlight at the moment is when a damson or apple falls.  They instantly run to peck and fight over them!

Their eggs are so delicious that guests have commented how yellow their yokes are and, one special guest was the recipient of a double yoke fried egg one morning.  It is true to say that happy, healthy chickens provide happy, healthy eggs!

Huntlands Farm Bed & Breakfast chickens

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