The wonder of nature.

I was hoping to be able to show off my marmalade making or the use of my new spons – I’ll keep you all in suspense and explain what they are in my next blog!  Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with more mundane tasks like work to pay for the house renovations and general bills.  However, I do have some exciting news this weekend; one of our sows has had piglets.

Newborn Piglets with their Mother.

The week didn’t start out so well though when another expectant sow gave birth to premature piglets which all died; this is the first time we have ever experienced this so everyone was quite upset about it.  Nature is wonderful though and obviously rejected them because they were not ready for this world.

Newborn Piglets on the move.

Talking of nature, today from the kitchen window I witnessed a buzzard swoop down on a squirrel and due to the buzzard’s slight hesitation the squirrel was able to run for its life and hide under the old chicken shed.  What a narrow escape that squirrel had; quite unbelievable to see.  And as always, my camera wasn’t on hand to capture the moment!  Taking photographs of animals is similar to taking children’s photographs-they never sit still and are constantly on the move.

I’m also patiently waiting for the daffodil bulbs I planted last autumn to start appearing but no sign yet.  I’ve been told to be patient as it is slightly early for them to show their green shoots above ground; I’m just paranoid the cold weather has frozen them to death, never to grow and all my hard effort wasted.  I’ll keep looking and be rest assured, as soon as they show their heads I’ll be letting you all know.

Mummy Sow and her Piglets.

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