Spring must be on its way, we have a newborn lamb!

I promised myself that I would start in the new year with a regular blog to update you all on developments in the house as well as what is happening on the farm.  So, this is my first blog of many for 2011.

Having spent most of Christmas decorating the first room which is going to be our living room, I am still not ready to post a finished photograph of it.  Although painted, I must furnish it and make it look pretty before I share it with you.  I find decorating and making interior decorations such as cushion covers and renovating old bits of furniture so enjoyable and rewarding.

Therefore, my news for this week is that we have had our first baby lamb.  Rather early and unexpected but all the same, it has arrived.  Thankfully, the snow has all gone and the temperature outside is warmer than it was over Christmas but the poor little thing has had the mud left by the melting snow to contend with.  However, he only has another 6 weeks until we start lambing properly and then he’ll have some friends to play with.

Spring Lamb

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