My passions: fabric, old chairs, and cookery books.

Maybe passion is the wrong word to use and obsession more accurately describes my behaviour when it comes to fabric, old chairs, and cookery books.  I seem to collect all three at the same rate!  I just cannot walk away from any old chair that I think can be brought back to life with a little bit of tender loving care.  And fabric is just the icing on the cake with regards to upholstering a chair!  With cookery books, I just want to cook everything in them, especially the cakes and deserts.  I can spend hours poring over the pages planning what I can make and when.

I also love to recycle so when I found evening classes in furniture restoration and upholstery last September I was there in a shot.  This interest has now turned into a serious hobby and one which I have taken further by studying for The Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers professional qualification in upholstery.

My first two week residential upholstery course was in mid-October and my third week is coming up at the beginning of December.  I find it so therapeutic and extremely rewarding that an old chair can be saved from the tip and brought back to life for so many to enjoy for years to come.

In the future, I hope to offer individually tailored courses for my bed and breakfast guests but in the meantime, I’m doing commission work as well as continuing to fill the house with comfy armchairs and sofas for my guests to enjoy.

My next project is to turn these three old pub stools into beautiful breakfast bar stools; I’m just debating whether to paint them or leave them their natural wood colour, decisions, decisions!

In the meantime, if you wish to have a look at some of my initial chair projects they are all on my Facebook page.

Breakfast bar stools

Breakfast bar stools

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