The Beginning of a Farm Stay Bed & Breakfast

I kept putting it off and procrastinating this blog while I decided what people might like to read.  I then realised that the things I take for granted at Huntlands Farm and its surrounding area are most likely what you would like to know about and enjoy one day, should you decide to visit us.    

With the planned opening of the bed and breakfast looming ever closer I have many plans still to put in place: the new bee hive I wish to erect so guests can enjoy honey on their toast each morning, the chicken shed that needs positioning for fresh eggs at breakfast as well as all the scrummy cakes I plan to bake, the garden that needs a make-over since the 2 pet sheep, Simon and Lucy (plus woolly guests) have been allowed to use it as their home,

Pet Lambs: Lucy & Simon

Pet Lambs: Lucy & Simon

the spring bulbs I wish to plant down the driveway in the hope that the geese don’t choose to eat them, not to mention the interior decorating, kitchen, and bathroom installation!  My brain is bursting with ideas!  

I plan to keep you updated on developments as the exciting opening draws ever closer.     

Until the next time, thanks for reading and visiting my new website.


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2 Responses to The Beginning of a Farm Stay Bed & Breakfast

  1. lizzet says:

    I would love to have a farm, but I also know that the responsibility is too big for me. I will know live that dream through your blog, and fingers cross will visit the farm once it opens! I can’t really wait! You have put so much love and effort that it will be fantastic 😉

  2. Lucy says:

    Thank you for your kind comment Lizzet. I can not wait either to be able to open our doors to visitors – all very exciting!

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